Pricing and Licensing:


Basic Package: $129

This package is intended for small homes and condos (less than 1000 sq. ft) and boats (less than 25 ft), mobile homes, HUD properties or other distressed type property sales. Package includes 10 professionally photographed and edited images.

Standard Package (2 or 3 bedrooms): $159

Package includes a minimum of 20 professionally photographed and fully edited images for use with MLS or your web page.

Deluxe Package (4 or 5 bedrooms): $179

Package includes 25 professionally photographed and fully edited images, including 1 or more elevated exterior image to make your listing stand out, and a “Ken Burns” style virtual tour delivered both branded and unbranded.

Add ons:

Elevated exterior shots: $15 each

Twilight or dusk shot: This includes taking a series of shots over the course of roughly 1 hour, and additional editing time. $25 each

Virtual Tour: A "Ken Burns effect" slideshow that will be syndicated to many other real estate websites such as Zillow.   $15


Important HouseBoat Photography Licensing Information:

My licensing agreement is very generous. By contracting for a real estate photo shoot, you acknowledge and agree that as the photographer, I retain all rights, license, copyright, title and ownership of the images (this is standard with all photographers). The real estate photography prices include NON-TRANSFERABLE, NON-RESELLABLE rights to reproduce the photographs for all marketing purposes specifically related to the sale of a single residential property or yacht for the full continuous duration of the client’s listing agreement to a maximum of one year from date of payment, including SCAOR, MRIS, real estate websites, YACHTWORLD, the realtor/broker’s social media and print advertising.

The agent is granted a non-transferable, non-resellable license for the image(s) for marketing their services in sold listing compilations and marketing portfolios for a period of 4 years beginning on the date of payment in full for charges relating to those photos. Photos used in marketing materials for the agent must include a photo credit immediately adjacent to the photo in the form of “Photo by Ed Hill” and a footnote on the publication in the form of “Photos © (year of copyright) Ed Hill” or in a manner to designate the photos in the media created by Ed Hill if more than one photographer’s work is shown.

Photos may not be resold or otherwise transferred to those including, but not limited to: builders, architects, sellers, buyers, interior designers, stagers or subsequent listing agents. New agents must purchase images directly from the photographer and are subject to limitations negotiated with the original listing agent. Copyright is exclusively retained by Ed Hill and images must be licensed by Ed Hill for any use.

If the photos are of a “Model” home where they will be used to advertise more than one address, specific licensing arrangements must be made and additional fees paid in advance.

Licensing is subject to receipt in full of all charges related to the shoot. Other licensing terms can be negotiated to suit the needs of your project.